My Holiday Beauty Wishlist

December 10, 2015

As is the case with many of you beauty lovers out there, I have a cosmetics wishlist a mile long. I’m on a really tight budget right now whilst in school, so new beauty products haven’t been seen by me in a few months. It hurts my wee little heart. Here are just a handful of things I wish Santa would bring me this Christmas, but since I’m an adult and now my own Santa, I know that won’t be happening. Adulting is stupid.

Let’s pretend Santa is real for however long it takes you to read this.

Dear Santa,

Here’s some things I’d like:

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Forever Perfume: Because it smells good, and I like that.
2. Bobbi Brown Rich Caramel Palette: Because I’ve never tried Bobbi Brown shadows before, and this one looks pretty.
3. ELF Setting Spray: Because it’s my favorite, and I’m currently out.
4. Too Faced Most Loved Set: Because apparently it’s the MOST LOVED, and I like Too Faced.
5. MAC Red Satin Lipstick: Because I recently discovered how amazing MAC lipsticks are, and I need more. Obviously.
6. Mudd Animal Cosmetic Bag: Because I like foxes and makeup bags.
7. Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Hand Cream: Because my hands are so dry they’re cracking, and panda’s are cute.

I miss makeup.

What’s on your wishlist?




NYX Color Correcting Concealer

December 3, 2015

Hello, all! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I was able to go home over the holiday to visit with family, and see my dog, Bernard, so it was really nice. I’m going to be busy studying for State Boards (I graduate aesthetics schooling in February!) for several weeks, so it may be more quiet on my blog (more so than it already is).

Today’s review is going to be quick. I wanted to share with you one of my favorite color correcting concealer palettes. Actually, it’s the only one I’ve ever really liked. This one is also affordable (only $12), since it’s by NYX Cosmetics.

This NYX Color Correcting palette offers really creamy, lightweight concealer with enough pigment that it actually does what it’s supposed to, without leaving a residual hue on your skin. Once the concealers are set with foundation and a powder, they last all day (on me, at least) and never crease or cake. The powder that I like to use with this palette is the NYX HD Finishing Powder.

Here’s what these different colors are intended for:

Yellow: Conceals purple and deep reds.
Green: Conceals redness and/or blemishes.
Purple: Brightens and corrects yellow tones (such as under eyes).
Pink (Salmon): Brightens dull complexions.
Light: Camouflages imperfections on lighter skin tones (can be used as highlight for darker skin tones).
Deep: Camouflages imperfections on deeper skin tones (can be used as a contour shade on lighter skin tones).

Since the concealers are well pigmented and creamy, I don’t need much at all to get the job done… meaning, this palette should last me a good while. Ahhhh. I love NYX.

What’s your favorite corrective concealer(s)?



Favorites, Review

True Match Lumi Foundation

November 16, 2015

When thinking about what I’d like to review next, I thought I’d do something other than foundation… since I do tend to review a lot of foundations. BUT. As I was going through my makeup arsenal, I found the True Match Lumi foundation and upon realizing I hadn’t yet written a review for it, I knew I had to. BECAUSE IT IS WONDERFUL. This is one of my favorite drugstore foundations in the history of drugstore foundations.

This foundation has a light to medium coverage, and leaves a soft dewy finish. True Match Lumi does appear to dry down to a near matte, but it contains finely milled shimmer to provide that ‘glow,’ which those with oilier skin types might not be keen on. This is more suitable for those with normal to dry skin (for those who have combo/oily skin types, try the original True Match).

L’Oreal refers to this as a “healthy foundation” because it contains Vitamins C and E… which, are good for your skin, but since these are near the bottom of the ingredient list on the foundation that means they put the bare minimum of the vitamins in the product, just so they can say they did. SHAME. However, when I wear this foundation it does feel very nice on my dry skin, and does make my skin appear more ‘healthy’ and not so ruddy. Furthermore, I’ve never had any irritations or breakouts due to this foundation– always a good sign.

I’ve read reviews that this particular foundation is a dupe for the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk ($62)– I wouldn’t be able to confirm since I am a peasant who can’t afford Giorgio Armani anything. The True Match Lumi foundation, however, is a steal at $12 (sometimes places like Ulta or CVS has sales on it too). This foundation also has a large shade range in cool, neutral, or warm undertones, so finding the perfect shade should be rather simple.

As pictured above, I apply this foundation with my MOTD Cosmetics Beauty and the Base Brush. I first stipple the foundation on, then buff it out. The foundation blends easily, so little effort is needed to apply. The only negative I can find to this foundation (other than the fact that this company still tests on animals, wtf?) is the lasting power– it tends to break down right around 6 hours on me, so touch ups are needed throughout the day.

Have any of you ever tried this foundation? What did you think about it?